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Truck driver

• Blood pressure check

• Blood sugar testing

• Review of medical history

• Height and weight

• Range of motion testing

• Breathing and pulse check

• Examination of eyes and ears

• Vision testing with and without corrective lenses

Our physical exams may include:

• Commercial drivers

• Limo drivers

• Landscapers

• Tow truck drivers

• Commercial bus drivers

Who needs it?

If you're earning your CDL (Commerical Driver's License) you'll need a DOT physical. Visit our convenient location for a fast, easy, and affordable appointment. With years of experience, extensive training, and formal education, our professionals will quickly examine you and provide appropriate answers for your license.


Under federal law, all commercial drivers must receive regular DOT Physicals. Our physicians are FMCSA certified in order to provide you with appropriate credentialing to maintain your DOT Certification.

Getting your CDL ?

We have the experience you need